Mini Blinds to Garden Markers Repurpose

Mini Blinds to Garden Markers Repurpose


plant markersAs you gain experience in the garden it becomes important to know which plant varieties did well in your garden and which varieties you liked best.  If you plant more than one type of tomato or lettuce, etc you’ll want to label your plants with plant markers.  I always think I’ll remember what I planted and have even tried to write it down.  I’ve made diagrams of what plants where started in flats but then if I turn the flats to even the light, I get mixed up.  If you save your own seed you’ll especially want to mark your plants.

Spring is almost here and one of the tasks that rears it’s ugly head this time of year is dusting blinds.  Oh sure you could just vacuum them but if you don’t do it regularly (and who does) you know they really don’t get clean.  It’s almost worth buying a new set of blinds at the big box store for $4 to avoid dusting them.  If that is the route you take this spring or if you just need to replace broken mini blinds there is a great purpose for them in your garden.  Just pull the bottom plug out of the bottom rail and cut the knot of each string that is threaded through the holes in the slats.  You can then remove the individual slats and turn them into garden markers.  You can cut them with regular scissors into usable lengths and even make them more narrow for smaller plant starts.  Use a marker to write the name of the plants and cut the end into a V to help the marker poke into the soil.

I have found that the markers stand up pretty well to sun and rain for a few months but by the end of the season the writing had faded.  If it’s important to remember which plant variety is which, you may want to keep an eye on your markers and remark them mid season.  I also learned this year that I made my markers a little bit too long and they interfered with getting my grow light right down on top of my starts.   Next time I’ll make them shorter and get a fine tip marker.

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