Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

tomato cage tree 1

So when you think of a Christmas Tree the first thing that comes to mind is a tomato cage, right?  I have some large pots that are standing empty for the winter and I thought I might go get a small fake tree to two to fill them for the winter.  I’ve always admired those spiral lighted tress but I hesitate to get any more decorations that I have to store most of the year!  I had some extra lights.  If only there was something I could use to wrap them around, I could make some kind of tree shape as a Christmas decoration.  Inspiration struck in the form a tomato cage!  I have a large stack of them stashed in a back corner of the garden for winter.  Here’s what I figured out along the way.

tomato cage with lights

You need at least two tomato cages.  Most cages have only 3 uprights and that will form a triangle, not a round shape when you wrap the lights.

  • Use two cages, upside down, of course and stagger the uprights so that you’ll have a round shape to wrap the lights.
  • Tape together the pointed ends (that normally go into the ground) at the top
  • Use either rocks or landscape fabric pins (or both) to hopefully keep the cage in the pot in case of wind.
  • use twist ties to attach the lights to the cage if you want to be very precise about the spacing of the light string

I used only one string of lights but then later discovered another green lighted garland that I added.  It looks great at night but it’s hard to get a decent photo.

tomato cage tree with garland

Don’t you just love being able to re purpose stuff for free decorations and no additional storage?!  Now I’m off to find something to make into a star!

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