Bird Song and Battles

Bird Song and Battles

I love hearing the bird songs this time of year. Even though I’ve noticed bird sounds in the mornings occasionally throughout the winter, this time of year they really turn up the volume.  On those few nights this time of year that the night time temperatures are warm enough to leave the windows open you can tell when the day is about to dawn by the ensuing chorus, or so I thought.  These last few nights I have taken a peak at the clock when I have woken up to the bird chorus.  Both nights it has been around 2 AM!  If we weren’t on daylight savings time, that would be 1AM!  So now you know the true definition of   “the early bird gets the worm”.

No matter, I still enjoy it.  However, I do draw the line at a bird’s nest being built on the light outside my back door.  One determined mama robin has decided this is her spot this year.  It starts when you notice a few straggly strands of dried milk weed outside the door.

bird nest 1

The robin is sitting on the deck railing a few feet away with another strand in her mouth, watching you, waiting.  As soon as you go in the house, she is up on the light post adding to her very ambitious collection of the longest milk weed strands in the neighborhood.

bird nest 2

I was really torn between being able to watch this wonder of nature unfold right out side my back door, a few feet away from my kitchen table and the prospect of bird poop all over the back door and deck.  In the end I decided that it would really be best for her if I discouraged the nest in this spot.  I will be going in and out of that door many times a day to the garden and I would be disturbing her.  She would leave the nest each time and would not be sitting on those eggs consistently.

I pulled down the start of the nest.  She rebuilt.  I pulled down the start of the nest again.  She rebuilt again.

bird nest 3

After the third time (in one day) I decided to leave the light on and see if it would discourage her.  It did…until the next day.  She started over again. Even though I left the material from her first nests on the deck each time, she always decided to go and get more from another source.

bird nest 5

I had second thoughts.  I am respecting her tenacity; maybe I should just let her build the nest.  No, I can watch the other nest in the bend of the gutter outside the second story window on another side of the house.  The bird poop is already starting to accumulate on the deck.   I finally came up with another strategy.

bird nest 4

It’s better this way, for both of us.  It really is.

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