Strawberries and Drunk Slugs

Strawberries and Drunk Slugs

My strawberries are starting to ripen.   Now the battle begins.  I looked out the window the other day to observe a squirrel pull a strawberry off the plant, munch on it and cast it aside.  It was time to put the chicken wire over the strawberry bed.  This stopped the squirrels and birds from helping themselves but something was still munching on my strawberries.

strawberry slugs

It’ time to put out the beer.  I got a small shallow cup and burried it in the ground so that the top of the cup was at ground level.  Then filled it with beer.  I try to use the cheap stuff for this.

strawberries and beer

In theory the slugs will be attracted to the beer, crawl into the cup and drown.  I haven’t seen any slugs in the beer yet this year but one year I tried this I was amazed to find the cups filled with beer and dead slugs.  Then, mysteriously, the next day the cups were empty of everything. There was not enough time for the beer to have evaporated and what would have happened to the slugs (this was before the chicken wire cover) ?  I can only surmise that the geriatric dog had assisted in the clean up efforts.  Come to think of it she was always very interested in whatever I was doing in the garden.  She usually had her nose in every place I would dig and also ate the grubs I tried to throw out to the birds.

Do you have a method for keeping the competition out of your strawberries?

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