Best Way to Remove Squash Bugs-Chemical Free

Best Way to Remove Squash Bugs-Chemical Free

Stories abound about how prolific zucchini can be in the summer garden.  Last year was a good zucchini year for me as I got 240 pounds out of 6 plants.  Most years, though it is a three way competition between me, the squash bugs and the squash vine borer to see if I can get any zucchini before they get the plants.  Squash bugs and vine borers will attack all kinds of squash and pumpkins.  They look like this:

and they lay a cluster of copper colored eggs on leaves (usually the underside) or stems of squash plants.

squash bugs on plant


Removing these eggs will go a long way in reducing the squash bugs in your garden.  I used to cut them out but I have found a better way thanks to friends in a gardening facebook group.  Duct Tape!  Yes, you can add one more use to the endless list of uses for duct tape.  You just lay a piece of tape on top of the eggs.

duct tape on plant

You may have to press down a bit over the spot with the eggs.  Peal back the duct tape and the eggs will be removed with little or no damage to the plant.  Repeat if necessary.

bugs removed with duct tape


I have also found that the duct tape is great for catching almost any unwanted bug I come across in the garden, even the baby squash bug beasties after they hatch.  You will need to check almost daily, although it takes about 10 days for the eggs to hatch.  This site has some great photos of the newly hatched nymphs and additional tips on controlling them.

I really like having a chemical free way to reduce the squash bug population in my garden.  From now on duct tape is part of my garden tool bag.

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