Cinder Block Herb Tower-Six blocks

Cinder Block Herb Tower-Six blocks

I’m always looking for more space.  I planted a small herb garden a few years ago and now it’s full.  We have small side yard between our deck and fence that I’ve been using for container gardening.  I can’t dig there because of buried utility lines.  I had seen some variations of cinder block planters at a local garden center and on Pinterest.  I wanted to have a place to group together some potted herbs and flowers rather than just spreading them around on the ground.  I had a few cinder blocks in the garage (probably former book cases) and I knew they would be easy to find at a home improvement store if necessary.

herb tower closed side

To build this herb tower, first create a level space on the ground.  The next thing is to decide if you want the holes to be visible or not, or if you want to fill the holes and plant things in them.  You can use a paver or garden art to cover the hole if you like.

herb tower close up

In the above arrangement  the holes are on top.  If the holes are visible on the side, like this:

herb tower open side

you have a solid surface to set a plant.  This configuration uses 6 blocks.  You could also half cinder blocks if you can find them.   Here’s a view from another angle:

herb tower 1

Arrange your plants on the blocks and plant any open holes that you want to fill.  Plants can be arranged on the ground around the blocks as well.

herb tower finished

This makes good use of a small space.  It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to arrange a container garden.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to turn and stack the blocks.  Have fun!


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