Something From My Grapevines, Finally!

Something From My Grapevines, Finally!

Before you start celebrating with me I have to confess, I don’t have any grapes!  I think this is the fifth year I’ve had my grapes and I still have never savored the sweet victory of  a ripe grape bursting in my mouth.  I have had a few sour grapes burst in my mouth, yeah, not much of a victory.  It is a good way to see if they are ready yet. The first year I had a real crop (you know, more than a token cluster of grapes here and there) they disappeared magically overnight when they achieved the perfect (I assume) degree of ripeness.  I blame the possums that I could sometimes hear hissing under my window in the early morning darkness while I sipped coffee and read the bible.  I tried various methods to keep the critters away from my grapes and other crops, to no avail.

The next year was so wet that the grapes developed brown rot.  For 5 years I have tended these grape vines, watering, weeding and pruning?

Here is a picture before this year’s pruning:

grapes before prune

Yes, every year I have to go back to the extension publication and read what I am supposed to do, prune 90 percent of canes, prune off the cordons at 3 to 4 feet or when they touch a neighbor grape vine’s cordons, etc. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing but I do something!

grapes after prune

Maybe I can volunteer at a winery and they can teach me more about pruning grapes and pay me with wine.  In any  case, what is this benefit I’ve finally received for my efforts?

grapevine wreath

Isn’t this a lovely wreath?  Maybe this is my year for grapes, hope springs eternal!

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