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Favorite Spring Salad

Favorite Spring Salad

It’s great to have a salad made with ingredients that are in season.  One of my favorite salads starts with just 3 ingredients: spinach, sliced fresh strawberries, sliced green onion.  Like most salads the exact amounts are not important (you might like a few more green onions than I would) along with a Poppy Seed Dressing. (We like Brianna’s until I can find a recipe I like to make my own).

Additions can be cooked chicken, a few sunflower seeds and of course microgreens.  We like broccoli  micros on this salad.  This is one of those combinations that doesn’t sound like it would be good. Who would think of putting strawberries and green onions together!  You can find all these ingredients at the farmer’s market (except the dressing) but better hurry, it is quickly getting too hot for spinach and the strawberry season will be a short one according to my fellow farmers.

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