What I Would Tell Supplement Manufacturers if They Would Listen

What I Would Tell Supplement Manufacturers if They Would Listen

This is the time of year when supplements are on sale to coincide with our desires to get healthy for the new year.  I don’t like to swallow supplements or pills of any kind.  I do believe that some supplements are very beneficial so I try to find those that are the easiest to swallow.  I guess I am just plain annoyed at the sizes of some of the supplements out there.  Do supplement manufacturers think that we perceive a better value if the pill is larger?  I don’t know.  Maybe it is more expensive to make a smaller size supplement.  And then there is the packaging.  You can buy a supplement package that has 30 or 60 pills in a bottle and they take up less than a fifth of the space.  I guess that if the package was that small, then the information wouldn’t fit on the package.  Here are two different brands of ubiquinol (something my eye doctor highly recommends).  First the Vitacost brand:

IMG_3666This capsule is a full one inch!  Really!  Currently this supplement is priced at 90 softgels for $34.95.  You would probably buy something additional to qualify for the free shipping but shipping costs are a consideration.

Here is the Trader Joe’s brand:

Trader Joe's UbiquinolQuite a bit smaller.  This one is currently 60 softgels for $20.  A better value and no shipping just sales tax.  On a side note, Trader Joe’s is a good place to look for basic supplements for a good value.

Though I don’t have a photo I found the Nature’s Bounty brand Ubiquinol to be even smaller but the price of  30 softgels for $27.99 made it much more expensive.  Even at the current “buy one get one free” special (Walgreens) it is more than either Vitacost or Trader Joe’s.

Here is what I would like to tell supplement manufacturers.  Please show me the size of the table/capsule/softgel on the package and on the website!  I called Vitacost before buying their product and  no one was able to tell me the size of the product but that it was easy to swallow, hmmm.   Also, smaller is better when it comes to supplements, enough said.

I’ll end by telling you a secret.  These half price sales on supplements were repeated frequently last year so don’t feel you have to rush out and get everything now.  Where have you found good values on supplements?





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