Why Season Your Own Breakfast Sausage

Why Season Your Own Breakfast Sausage

You may wonder why anyone would want to go to the trouble to season their own sausage so I’ll start by telling you why I season my own sausage.  Fisrt, I am trying to eliminate most unhealthy fat (especially trans and saturated fat) from my diet. At our house we use olive oil, organic (nonGMO) canola oil, coconut oil and small amounts of butter.  If I can choose the meat that I start with, I have a much better chance of getting a low fat sausage.  Second, I’ve been reading labels on sausage and I have found ingredients that I want to avoid.  My former favorite sausage contains added sugar in the form of dextrose, maltodextrin, artificial flavors and mystery spice “extractives”.

my former favorite breakfast sausage
my former favorite breakfast sausage

I think it’s odd that this company uses the word “extractive” and then defines it as spices.  Why don’t they just say “spices”?   There is probably a reason for that that I won’t be happy with.  Dextrose is usually made from corn, so this is a possible GM (genetically modified) ingredient.  You can find a good article on dextrose and other types of sugar here.  I found that packaged sausage seasoning mixes also contain added sugar, dextrose


So, let’s talk turkey.  Ground turkey is what I usually choose to make my sausage.  I have tried the ground turkey breast because it was very, very lean, translation: so dry you have to choke it down.  After that I just chose 93% lean ground turkey.  Here are some price points for ground turkey and sausage to compare:


Hormone free, etc        93% lean         $4.12 lb           large chain super store

Honeysuckle White     93% lean         $3.99 to 4.49/1.2lb      local chain supermarkets

Jennie o                       90%lean          $2.98lb            large chain super store


Honeysuckle White breakfast sausage (no lean% given)         $3.48/1lb roll at large chain store


From these prices you can see that it may or may not be cost effective to season our own sausage.  It might even be less expensive to start with a hormone, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed ground turkey and know exactly what is not in your ground turkey.

Another good reason to season your own is that you can get a custom flavor and make it as hot or mild as you like.  It is a very easy process and you can find a recipe and tips in my next post.

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