Organic Food-Cheap, Just Ask!

Organic Food-Cheap, Just Ask!


I got 4 dozen of these extra large, organic, brown eggs for .25 a dozen this week!  One of our local grocery stores is very proactive about discounting eggs and dairy that are about to expire.  Expiration dates are really more like suggestions than hard and fast rules.  “Use by”, “Sell by”, “Best by” are dates suggested by manufacturers for best quality, not safety and that could be a subject of an entire post.  For now, let me say that most products are good beyond those dates.  Even USDA guidelines say that eggs properly refrigerated should be used with 3 to5 weeks after the sell by date! Plus, you can always extend the life by doing things like hard boiling the eggs, or making yogurt from milk.

Gosh, how did we ever know if we could eat the food in the refrigerator or the canned goods before they started dating everything? I guess we have lost the ability to tell when food is bad.   That’s going to get even more difficult as new genetic engineering techniques are applied to our food.  Another rabbit trail, sorry.

So, I’ve learned that when regular (CAFO) eggs are on sale, the more expensive organic or omega 3, cage free eggs get sold at a discount soon afterwards.  I guess some consumers (like me) who would normally buy the more expensive, organic or cage free eggs might buy the really cheap sale eggs, thus freeing up money for other organic purchases (and to make whole wheat angel food cake ’cause you need a dozen egg whites and toss the yolks).  Now, I’ve learned to wait for the mark downs and frequently get organic, brown eggs for .50 a dozen. Usually the sell by date is that day or the next day. Husband eats 3 eggs a day so we go through them pretty quickly.

Last time I was in the store they had regular white eggs on sale for .88 a dozen.  I looked through the organic brown eggs thinking that if I found any that were close to the sell by date, I’d come back in a few days and possibly find a bargain.  I found at least 4 dozen in the cooler that were 4 days past the sell by date.  I tracked down the deli manager and let him know I would be interested in buying the past date eggs at a discount.  He offered .25 a dozen.

This week I also spotted organic chicken at Walmart that was marked down.  This was still 3 days before the sell by date.  One of the packages of boneless, skinless breast was not marked down but the sign said that this product was 7.84 and now priced at $5.85.  I asked one of the meat people about the package not being marked and he said he would mark it down for me.  When he handed me the package he had marked it at $4 a pound since I had to wait.  Really, I didn’t have to wait very long. They also had organic chicken legs for $2.10 lb.


I have figured out that one store regularly marks down their meat items on Thursday afternoons so I can usually find bargains late Thursday or Friday.

A few weeks ago I was at Trader Joe’s and didn’t see any 1% organic milk in the gallon size.  The employee went back to check and found out that they were out so he gave me 2 half gallons for free.  I thought he was just going to mark the half gallons so that I’d be paying the same total as a gallon and was really pleased when I found out they were free.  I love Trader Joe’s!

Organic bargains are waiting for you.  Most stores want to earn or keep your business.  Organic food can be more expensive so don’t be afraid to talk to store employees and look for the deals.

Have you gotten any great deals on organic food lately?  I’d love to hear about it.



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