Microgreens: How to Harvest and Wash

Microgreens: How to Harvest and Wash

broccoli micros

If you are wondering what microgreens are you can get some general information in this post.  You have your micro greens that you’ve either grown or perhaps purchased.  I think the best way to purchase microgreens is as living plants.  As soon as you cut or harvest the greens the clock starts ticking.  Microgreens sold as living plants may hang out happily on a sunny window sill for an additional week or so with an occasional drink of water.  You can also cut and use just what you need so they will always be super fresh.

Honestly, I’ve read multiple sources on microgreens and some say they don’t need to be washed at all or just minimally if you have bottom watered and they are clean. I recommend washing or rinsing your greens.  They really aren’t different from any other greens that you would buy at the grocery store and wash before consuming.  Since so many things are prewashed now when you buy them, let’s just go through the process as a refresher.

I like to take the greens out of the grow tray.  Since they are grown in just a little bit of medium the roots and medium have usually formed a mat and it is easy to remove the greens, mat and all from the tray.

micros out of tray

Next take clean scissors and cut the greens above the soil line.

cutting micros

The idea is to cut and not pull the greens so that the soil or medium stays behind.

Place your greens in a colander or sieve and rinse with running water. Immerse the colander or sieve with the greens in another bowl filled with fresh water.   Any seeds that may still be attached to the greens should detach and float and can be removed.  Lift out the colander with the greens and rinse again.

washing micros

Let the water drain a little, then place the greens on clean kitchen towels or paper towels to dry.

drying micros

Once cut and washed, greens should be stored in the refrigerator in a loosely closed bag or loosely covered dish.

Next step…how to eat microgreens.

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