Repurpose Concrete Splash Guards

Repurpose Concrete Splash Guards


It seems that no matter where you end a path or a step the lawn or area just beyond it become a trampled soggy mess during rainy periods.  It also seems that over time we have replace all of our old concrete down spout diverters or splash guards with the accordion type tubes that direct the water further away from the foundation.  That leaves us with several concrete down spout diverters to dispose of and at the same time we needed to find a solution for the muddy area at the bottom of the steps.

We originally thought we would have to buy some paving stones but realized that if we turned the down spout diverters upside down that the back side was just a flat concrete surface. Since the curved top was now the bottom, we started to dig out a bit of the dead, muddy grass and discovered that at one time there was a brick landing that had an inch or two of dirt and grass on top of it.

We rescued the bricks, added some sand and arranged the bricks with the flipped over concrete down spout diverters and whoala, a new landing.  This would also be good for an area in the garden.

I loved being able to repurpose those concrete splash guards instead of hauling them to the dump!  Have you found a way to reuse concrete splash guards?

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