Living, Edible Centerpieces

Living, Edible Centerpieces

What could be more fun than having a fresh, living, edible centerpiece for a holiday table?  It’s even more fun if you grow your own with microgreens.  To make this center piece, start with a 4 inch plastic plant saucer.  They are available year round at most hardware stores .  You’ll also need a matching 4 inch terra cotta pot or any container that fits the size of your plant saucer.  Not all pots and saucers are actually 4 inches so be sure the saucer sits in the rim of the pot before you proceed.

Paint or decorate the pots as you like.  This example shows a simple metallic paint.  At this point you have a decision to make.  You can either poke drainage holes in the bottom of the saucer and get a second saucer to set under the pot or you can go without drainage holes and just be very careful about not overwatering.  I choose not to add the drainage holes.  Using the saucers without drainage holes keeps the pots clean and easy to reuse.

Add your pre-moistened germinating or potting mix to the saucers and sprinkle on the seeds evenly.  Microgreen seeds are available at garden centers.  In our area some grocery stores (like Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Whole foods) carry sprouting and microgreen seeds pretty consistently.  You can also try online sources like Mountain Valley Seeds.


These are radish and mild mix.  Mist the seeds and place a cover of thin plastic over the saucers of use an inverted plant tray to help keep the moisture in the mix .  After a day or two, seeds will germinate and can be moved to a window sill or other light source. Check daily and water as needed.   In about a week, they will be ready to set into your terra cotta pots or other container.

Accessorize your microgreen pots with other seasonal decorations and you have a fun fresh centerpiece that is sure to impress.

This photo was taken just 5 days after planting.

This photo was taken 18 days later and I let them go beyond where I would have harvested (the radishes at least) just to see how long they would last.  I really liked the look of the extra color of the radish developed but I wouldn’t eat them at this stage.  We did eat the other two varieties.  Growth rates will vary depending on seed type, temperature, light and water but in general, I would say to plant these quick growing varieties about a week before you want to use the centerpiece and that they would last about 2 weeks if well cared for.  Don’t forget to harvest and eat them!

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