Gut Bacteria is the Next Heath Revolution

Gut Bacteria is the Next Heath Revolution


I am seeing more and more articles and studies about how our gut bacteria affect our health.  I came across this excellent article today.  It is exciting to think that we can have a positive influence on everything from immunity to mood to mental health.  Like most things we learn about our health, we only learn that we need something when we have lost it and start to see the consequences.  For example, my parent’s and grandparent’s generations grew up with physical activity built in to their lifestyle.  When physical activity (they called it work or  walking  places instead of driving)  was removed the effects of a sedentary lifestyle became evident.  I remember my Dad buying Kenneth Cooper’s first book on a revolutionary concept-aerobic exercise.  Now it is an accepted fact that physical activity is critical to good health.

Heavy use of antibiotics in our food and antibacterial products in our homes and personal care have changed our microbial environment, reducing our exposure and destroying the good along with the bad.  Our food itself has changed dramatically, but that is a longer discussion than I want to get into in this post.   What this article I linked to above leaves out is the best (in my opinion) avenue of obtaining pre and probiotics and that is through foods, especially cultured foods.  I have been learning about cultured foods for a few years now and I can admit to being a bit hesitant to consume something made with milk that sat on the counter for over 24 hours!  I will say that I believe the small addition of cultured foods to my diet is  making a difference.  I also believe that the potential is great.  Yogurt is only the beginning.

Here are two excellent websites you can go to if you want to learn more:

www.cultures for





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